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Residential ADSL2+/ADSL (UNBUNDLED – Zone 1,2,3)

BroadBand Plan Details TelcoHut BB $69.95
Monthly Access Fee $69.95

Data Alowance 500 GB ($0.14 per GB)

Access Usage Charges No Access Usage Charges

Speed ADSL 2+ / (ADSL 8Mbps/384 Kbps)

Set Up Fee (Once Off) – New Connection $100
Fast Churn Fee $40
Minimum Term 24 Months
Minimum Cost Over 24 months $1,678.80

Modem Model D-Link2750
Modem Cost (Once Off) $120.00
Early Termination Fee (ETP) per service $220.00
Critical Information Summary (CIS) CIS VIEW
Zone 1,2,3

Telstra categorise your local telephone exchange depending on the distance from a metropolitan area.
To establish what zone your landline is connected to please call our Member Support team on 1300 478 007