Can I use my normal ADSL broadband?

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Q :Can I use my normal ADSL broadband?

The quality of calls on your Hosted PBX phone system is dependent on your internet connection speed.

We would always recommend a business grade SHDSL service for optimum performance and reliability.Business grade SHDSL provides symmetrical upload and download speed. Depending upon the distance you are from the telephone exchange and the internet speed that you achieve with normal ADSL broadband we would usually expect to see good performance for up to 4 concurrent calls on a shared ADSL2+ connection. If you are particularly high internet users or more than 2km from the telephone exchange it would be recommended to run a dedicated ADSL2+ connection just for your voice services.

Our Hosted PBX sales team will be able to assist in establishing what internet service you will require for the number of users you have and the number of concurrent calls you wish to be able to make. Please call 1300 478 007 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get straight in touch!